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Postpartem Fitness

Emma YusufComment
Postpartem Fitness

I am a fitness fanatic. I love trying new workouts, new classes, and I love to sweat. Throughout my pregnancy, my workouts evolved and I started out as a an avid indoor cycler (and an instructor), and I ended up falling in love with barre workouts by the end of my pregnancy. Barre gave me the perfect balance of strength training, stretching and no-impact challenge that I was looking for in my third trimester and I truly believe it contributed to a successful (and super fast) labor and delivery when the big day came.

Now, as I am in recovery mode, I will admit that I am having a hard time “taking it easy” on the fitness end of things…especially now that I am feeling like myself again. It is typical to have to wait 6 weeks (or until your have doctor’s clearance) before diving into any fitness regime, but there are a few things that I am learning while I wait patiently for that day when I can hopefully get the go-ahead to dive back into some of my favorite ways to sweat.

I need to let my body recover. The body is amazing and it just did a hell of a lot of work.

My body just did something amazing and I am not someone who enjoyed the pregnancy experience or the labor and delivery, but in hindsight, it is pretty amazing to think about how my body transformed over the course of 39 weeks and how much work it took to carry my little nugget and still workout (all the way up to the day I delivered). Labor is hard. I am trying to honor that and give my body the rest and recovery that it needs. This includes trying to sleep, which is so, so important.

Use the time to bond with baby…

I have my whole life to workout and chase my fitness goals. Now is the time to bond with baby Marley and learn who I am as a mom. I am learning to take the time and let it be okay just to figure out my new life, my new routine and my new baby.

Walk (a little or a lot).

Walking is a great workout, and I cannot forget that! The first full day home from the hospital, my husband and I took the baby on a short walk. While it was short, it was intense for me at the time. Since then, I have amped it up a little bit and I have been trying to get out for a walk daily, and I am also listening to my body. If I am tired and in any pain, I call it quits. If I feel great, I kick it up a notch and rock my mom stride. Either way, I feel like a champ and I am doing the body good.

Don’t push it.

I have learned how to slow down and when to back off. I have learned how to embrace my new self and my new body and I love it. I have learned how to listen to my body. If something hurts or is uncomfortable. I am not going to do it. If I am up for a long walk one day and not the next, that is okay! I can never get this time back, and I would prefer to heal properly so I can dive into my favorite fitness activities, then push the envelop now and not get my doctor’s clearance later on.

I have learned so much about myself, about my baby and about my new family of three in the last eleven days and I am so excited and blessed to have a healthy body that will serve me the rest of my life. Healthy mom, healthy baby, healthy family…I am learning to slow down, take it all in and honor myself. My fitness goals are still there and I will be ready to crush then when the time comes.