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Mama-to-be skincare: What's on my counter?

Emma Yusuf2 Comments
Mama-to-be skincare: What's on my counter?

In a world of endless products and many skin promises, it is hard to determine what works for you as far as a skincare routine goes. I will admit, I am a notorious picker, I usually keep a million products around that end of being tossed and I have historically believed that more is more when it comes to skincare. When I become pregnant, there are all sorts of rules around what is safe to use versus what is not, so I had to mix things up. Not to mention, my skin seemed to change as every trimester passed and I needed to mix up my routine (ahem…maybe just find a routine and actually stick to it). After reading The Beauty of Dirty Skin by Whitney Bowe, I decided to mix things up based on this author’s (who happens to be a dermatologist) favorite products. Below you can see my AM and PM skincare routine. It is affordable, easy to access and maybe it will work for you!

Morning Routine:

  1. Wash face with La Roche-Posay Hydrating Gentle Cleanser (available on Amazon and at Target). I love this cleanser, as it always leaves my skin refreshed and it contains prebiotic water).

  2. Apply La Roche-Posay Double Repair Face Moisturizer (available on Amazon and Target). Once again, this product has the good stuff (no bad stuff)…prebiotic thermal water and it supports the creation of a healthy skin microbiome.

  3. SPF! This one is obvious but also easily overlooked. I didn’t get serious about daily SPF until I turned 30 (it’s never too late) and I am loving this one! La Roche-Posay Clear Skin Sunscreen SPF 60. I wear this every day. No exceptions.

Nightly Routine:

  1. Repeat step one from AM routine.

  2. Apply a few drops of Caudalie Glow Detox Oil to palms and apply to face, neck and décolletage. I am obsessed with this oil and it has seriously changed my skin texture.

  3. Repeat step 2 from AM routine. The oil and moisturizer work wonders together!

Weekly at night:

  1. Mask once per week. I have not found my go-to mask yet. I have been playing around with many sheet masks momentarily and I am trying to stay away from clay masks, as they tend to dry out my skin. Any suggestions for great masks?

The verdict:

I have been following this routine throughout my third trimester and my skin has transformed…really! I am interested to see how it fares postpartum and perhaps I will add some exfoliants and serums once I do not have product ingredient restrictions. Stay tuned!