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Why I shop consignment

Emma Yusuf1 Comment
Why I shop consignment

I recently posted about curating a timeless closet that will last many years, and to build my timeless closet, I shop both new and consignment items to have a well balanced, high quality closet. Shopping consignment is so fun and with the endless options for shopping consignment online, the days of digging through messy racks are over! My two favorite spots to shop (and sell) items are Poshmark and The RealReal. These sites allow you to shop everything from handbags to denim to blazers all with the click of a finger! When shopping consignment online you can filter by size, color, etc., and all items descriptions have been quite detailed based on my experience so you know what you are purchasing. It truly is a breeze! I have been buying both new and consignment luxury items more recently, but here is why I love shopping consignment.

Reasons to Shop Consignment:

1. Saves Money

Paying for luxury items can get very pricy if you buy everything brand new. Shopping consignment can save a ton of money if you have a good eye (I like to think I have a great eye and patience to wait for the price of items to go down). With sites like Poshmark, you can make offers on items to see if the seller with allow you to purchase for lower than the asking price, and I have had great luck with online offers. I am able to scoop up some amazing pieces and save a ton of cash!

2. Eco-Friendly
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We know the saying in relation to paper products and plastic, but the same goes for clothing and accessories!

3. More bang for your buck

Because items are reduced, you are able to buy several luxury items for the price of one if you were to purchase new. Stretch those dollars, y’all!

4. Aids in Creating a Signature Style

At the mall or your favorite department stores, only this season’s items are for sale. Consignment shopping allows for you to shop and see variety from many seasons to pick out discounted, timeless items to create and add to your signature style.

5. You can make money

In the same way that you can buy high quality luxury items, you can also sell items on both of the aforementioned websites. My motto is: one item in, one item out! If I get something new, I need to remove one item in my collection and I do typically sell my items since they are usually still in great shape and in need of a new home.

6. Convenient

Not only are you able to peruse all of the designer labels on one website, but usually the websites offer the same, fast shipping as other online retailers. You can get your purchases very quickly so it is almost like instant gratification. Additionally, both websites mentioned allow for returns if items are different than described. I have only purchased one item that was not as described online, and the return process was super easy.

I hope you will try out finding some fun, new consignment items for yourself! Happy shopping!

My amazing DVF Crocodile Blazer (Purchased on Poshmark)

My amazing DVF Crocodile Blazer (Purchased on Poshmark)

Here are some of my favorite items recently purchased from Poshmark and The RealReal.

Row 1: 3.1 Phillip Lim Silk Dress, DVF Opalista Wedge Boot, DVF Silk Dress

Row 2: Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Purse, DVF Wrap Dress, Frame Flared Denim