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At home boss b*tch: Multitasking

Emma YusufComment
At home boss b*tch: Multitasking

I am the queen of multitasking. Truth (or at least I like to think it is the truth)! I have always been a multitasker and this has served me well for years as I got my education and in my career (and at home). Now that I am on maternity leave and 100% at home, I have realized that multitasking is essential to take care of my little one, my home…and MYSELF! I have found some clever ways to get stuff done while going through my daily activities. I am only a month in, but these opportunities to multitask have helped me feel like an at home boss b*tch. Check out my ideas below.

While pumping: Breastfeeding has been a challenge, but luckily, I have a great milk supply and pumping is an option for Marley and me. Many folks might think sitting and pumping 8+ times per day is a giant waste of time, but I beg to differ! These 15 minute blocks of time have been the most productive for me. While pumping, I:

  • Grade papers and create online online modules for an online Master’s level course I teach.

  • Work on my blog.

  • Order all of my groceries for delivery (I am obsessed with Amazing Prime Now/Whole Foods delivery).

  • Catch up on the news and I read the many blogs that I follow.

  • Do the dishes! My pump is portable and I bring it near the sink and take care of business.

  • Do laundry/fold laundry.

  • Read! I have my latest book handy so I can grab it whenever I have a free moment.

While taking Marley for a walk: Walks are great for both Marley and me. Getting a little fresh air every day is super important and our walks have evolved into a great opportunity to multitask while getting some exercise. While walking, I:

  • Catch up on my calls to family and friends. I use my bluetooth earbuds but keep volume low enough so I can hear any noises from my little nugget.

  • I listen to audio books on Audible. I always have a good book in the queue and Marley and I listen together while we walk (I put the volume on speaker).

  • I create my to-do list for the day/week and create memos for myself via phone.

  • Peruse new music so I have fresh tunes to teach spin classes. Curating music is a chore, but it is fun to listen while walking so we have a good beat to keep us going.

  • Run errands! Instead of driving to do the many errands that need to be completed for our household or personal stops (think groceries, laundry, self care), I try to walk to these destinations to get a workout and complete those errands. Two birds with one stone!

While Marley naps, I:

  • Prep dinner.

  • Clean and do laundry.

  • Read.

  • Complete all necessary online shopping (we get almost everything delivered via Amazon and Amazon Prime Now).

  • Shower. Yes, showers now have to coordinated and, while this has been a huge adjustment, I have figured how how to care for my little guy and also look like a (very tired) human.

  • Calendar my week/month. I keep an updated Google calendar (shared with my husband) so all appointments and personal outings are updated and scheduled appropriately.

There are so many ways to get creative and be a successful multitasker with a newborn. These are just a few things that have worked for me! How do you multitask with a little one at home?

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